Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Weekend

Being only 28 years young, I listen to all sorts of music. Most people my age do. I'm on this Keith Whitley/Steve Wariner kick the past few weeks. I remember my mom singing those artists so many times while I was a little girl...
I swear I wish there was a way to link up my iPod play lists online...

Song of the Day:

Steve Wariner: You Can Dream of Me OR The Weekend (MY TWO Favorite Country Song of All Time)
Keith Whitley: Somebody's Doing Me Right

No matter what you listen to, these two songs are the epitome of love. I feel so old saying this, but people just don't know good love songs anymore. I'm such a 70s Rock, 80s Country geek!
I should be ashamed...If only life/love was as easy as those songs...

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