Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Raining...

"There's something sexy about the rain,"
she said as it came pouring down...
"it feels like kisses on my skin."
She spread her arms and spun around,
in a summer island storm
in a field of sugarcane
She taught me how and showed me why
there's something sexy about the rain

And sometimes it rained all night
and everything she did was perfect
And every way we were was right
We loved like there was no tomorrow
Then suddenly tomorrow came
And it was raining at the airport
and kept on raining on the plane

She only loved me for a season
but my heart won't ever be the same
Even now her love's the reason
there's something sexy about the rain

And sometimes when it's pouring down
I feel her kisses on my skin.
I spread my arms and spin around
And let that summer island storm
hit me like a hurricane.

She followed me back to the city
in a picture in my mind
She's still young and she's still pretty
and even after all this time
there's something sexy about the rain...

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