Thursday, June 11, 2009


As computer literate as I am about most things, iTunes has really thrown me for a look the past year. Mainly cause I never took the time to use it, and I thought it was a monoplized crock that they didn't allow you to take music from other people's iPod. But thank God for technology!
I'm now addicted thanks to the program Pod to Pc that lets you rip songs off your iPod and save them, or from other people's iPod. AND Bearshare. The single best 9.00 I spend a month.
I think I'm on like song 650 this week! Ugh!
I've been trying to comprehand how Andrea has NOT purchased this cd since shes a Rascal Flatts Addict! But for those of you needing a new tune or two - you have to download/purchase Rascal Flatts Unstoppable. I don't care that much for country music - but this cd has been the soundtrack of my life the past month or so.
Totally recommend Forever, Unstoppable, Things That Matter, Holdin On (my favorite) and Once (what'd I tell you last night Dre??)

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