Monday, June 29, 2009

77 Things About Me

1. Once you truly believe in yourself anything in life is possible and attainable. I am at that point right now. Everything that used to be confusing now makes sense.
2. I don't mind if you judge me because of my Facebook/Google/Blog page. It actually just makes my job of realizing I don't want to be friends with you that much easier.
3. I saw my first hero at 8, and I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life at that point. It just took me time to see it.
4. I can always find something better to do with my free time than television.
5. Astrology isn’t real, it’s another thing made up to give people something to have faith and hope in besides reality. Which is fine and I won’t judge you if you want to have hope in a fairy tale, just don’t expect me to.
6. Most people - even beautiful/hot/sexy/etc people - do not turn me on. They actually provide no stimulation and are very boring to me. Also I feel insulted when they pretend they like me and expect me to believe them.
7. I don't own a hat.
8. I think people that say “my mind is made up and cannot be changed” are beyond ignorant - that’s complete stupidity.
9. I have no tolerance for people, especially women, that can't take a compliment.
10. I live my life with my cards facing the opposite direction so everyone at the table can see them. If they can see my cards then it allows them to make fair decisions concerning me. If you know my motives, then life is much simpler for both of us. Also if this causes me to miss out on something, then its for the best because it would have been something acquired under false pretenses.
11. I didn’t have sex until my first husband. I wanted to save something sacred for the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. (If you are reading this and are doing the same thing, don’t. It’s dumb -have lots of sex with random people before you are married.)
12. Speaking of sex, I know that I have a physical, mental and emotional understanding of the act that most do not. I think that's why I can discuss it without blushing.
13. I like to think I am fair at all times, even when I deserve to not be.
14. I might sound like an a-hole in my blogs, but I am probably the nicest person you will ever meet. I just don’t put up with crap from anyone. I’m firm with my boundaries and always speak my mind in a straight to the point kind of way.
15. I think suppression is the root of unhappiness. I don’t put myself in situations where I have to suppress how I feel. I don’t like who I am when I do that.
16. I was married from 17 to 20 to a man that does not possess the ability to be happy in any area of his life. It just took me 3 years to figure that out.
17. I am very self aware. I spend time studying myself on a regular basis - keeping myself in check. I understand why I think the way I do and why I make the decisions I make.
18. I try to stay in a state of happiness and I refuse to let anyone else impact that.
19. I have 1 sister, who is my complete and utter opposite.
20. I thrive on and require passion with any area of my life. This is sometimes a great quality, however sometimes makes it hard for me to be satisfied with anything but excellence.
21. I love how a man looks in a button up shirt and usually expect Mike to wear one when we go out. (PS. I communicate this expectation. I don’t expect it and then get disappointed when he doesn’t magically know that’s what I want. Sound familiar?)
22. I don't believe in giving anyone I have dated more than 40% effort. The other 60% should be reserved for whatever person you end up with.
23. When I was in second grade I read an entire 26-book set of encyclopedias for "fun." This is probably why boys only wanted to be friends with me.
24. I am addicted to random acts of kindness, whether monetary or acts of service.
25. I like my steak rare. Very rare.
26. I haven’t stolen anything since I was 7. I stole a bottle of fingernail polish from the local drugstore, WITH money in my pocket. And I cried when I got home because I felt guilty.
27. I think people that fight on a regular basis are embarrassing. Once you get past 17 you should use your mind to resolve disputes and fists as a last resort.
28. I challenge everyone I meet. If they can’t handle it then I don’t become friends with them. I’m not going to become friends with someone that expects me to bite my tongue on their bullshit. It’s simple.
29. I am a romantic but I rarely show it.
30. I think the single sexiest thing a man can do it write. Period.
31. Find one person that says I won’t give them the shirt off my back and I will be shocked.
32. Fate is bullshit. I am going to put 27 purple sheep in the back of a Uhaul and drive it off a bridge while singing nursery rhymes. Did someone put that in the plan 4,000 years ago? Uhm no.
33. If I had to live on a budget I would be homeless.
34. Sometimes I am too overconfident in my opinions and don’t listen to other people’s thoughts. This is something I struggle with daily, but realize it and TRY to work on it as well.
35. I don’t remember ever seriously making fun of anyone.
36. I am a woman and believe in gender roles. I don't pay for things. I think the man should take care of things. I follow with input, that’s how it works. That’s my job. I'd much rather be barefoot and baking an apply pie when you come home from work.
37. I love Ritz Toasted Crackers - but I forget to buy them.
38. I wear cute panties AND grannies! Not at the same time of course. But I know when to wear each.
39. I love my running shoes. They make all the difference in the comfort of my day.
40. A man that can communicate clearly is more attractive to me than a man with a perfect body. I will trade 15 pounds for rational conversation and thinking any day.
41. Everyone starts out with a clean slate with me - that is until you blow it. Then, no matter how much it hurts, I WILL cut you off.
42. My feelings are hurt VERY easily. But you will never know when you do it.
43. My best friends are 5 of the most fabulous people in the world. They've all came into my life within the past 5 years, yet know me better than anyone. They know my WORST and BEST secrets.
44. My favorite man movie is "300." My favorite girl movie is "Runaway Bride." My all time fav movies are "Pulp Fiction, The Kill Bills, The Notebook, and Tombstone."
45. I have an uncanny ability to make people feel comfortable and open around me.
46. Soul mate’s aren’t real. If you think that there is one person born on this earth specifically to be with you please email me so I can pry the Hallmark rewards card from your hands.
47. My favorite mixed drink is Malibu & Diet (mixed 80/20).
48. I don’t like sleeping in, but I do it often thanks to my work schedule.
49. I love to cook. It’s hands down my favorite thing to do. But not the dishes.
50. My favorite question is why. I ask myself why daily and ask others why just as much. Why will change surface level conversation to stimulating conversation. Ask why until it makes logical proof, all the way down to the root. It’s a good exercise.
51. I love women. I love the way they smell, feel, sound, look, breathe, laugh, talk, smile, blink, walk, run, sleep, drink, eat, cough, sneeze, everything about them. BUT I am not a lesbian. I just think we're way more enticing than a man.
52. The man I love the most is my Daddy.
53. I am burned out on going out.
54. How people interpret or perceive what you believe or the decisions you make is not your problem. That shouldn’t play into what is right or wrong for you. You have to be considerate to the ones you love, but should always do what you feel is right.
55. I miss about 3 people who are alive but no longer in my life. Don't get me wrong. There's a reason they're no longer in it - but they brought alot to the table while they were.
56. I am a very competitive person; especially when it’s with myself and my expectations of myself.
57. When I fall in love, it is hard. I hate falling AND heights.
58. I think the only way to grow is to be uncomfortable for a certain period of time while you break out of your comfort zones.
59. One of my top 5 talents is making a good first impression with a person (unless of course they read this blog beforehand - then I’m screwed).
60. Being uncomfortable is a feeling I rarely ever get, unless I am doing something that I know isn’t right.
61. I am not intimidated by people physically bigger or stronger than me.
62. I have compassion for anyone who in the middle of a spouse leaving. Extreme compassion, even strangers.
63. I can easily meet and get close to strangers.
64. There is nothing I hate more than people questioning my motives.
65. I don’t believe in snooping. It can’t lead to anything positive.
66. You only get to live once and it’s pretty short so I don’t like missing out on any opportunities in life.
67. I don’t judge people for being or thinking different than me. But that doesn't mean I'm changing my mind.
68. I don’t remember the last time I let someone know they got the best of me. It's my talent.
69. I can be very insensitive at times, but typically its justified. However the few times that it isn’t justified is very unfair to the other person, and I’m working on it.
70. My favorite wine is Hatteras Red, room temperature.
71. My favorite city is Wilmington. Cut it and it will bleed culture, booze, sex and good food.
72. My favorite dessert is good Cheesecake. No fruit topping, I want to enjoy every single ounce of fluffy cheesy perfection without any taste bud distractions.
73. When I was 6 I scored in the top 6 percentile of national IQ tests. I could finish English tests in less than 5 minutes - the same ones that took my classmates 30 minutes to finish.
74. I didn't graduate high school. I was taking all Advanced Placement classes and QUIT. To get married. Ah the things we do for love. I didn’t get to walk with my class at graduation and that hurts to this day.
75. When I find a pair of shoes that fit perfect and I like the way they look, I do a happy dance in the middle of the store.
76. I am just now starting to realize how fantastic "good jeans" are.
77. I have yet to meet a person that will take me at face value and not underestimate me. It would make life so much easier if they did.

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