Monday, June 22, 2009


Lately I've given a lot of thought to change and commitment...

Everyone changes!

We're all growing, learning, developing, evolving, becoming, CHANGING! Some say change isn't a good thing. I wonder why? Change to me means good/better things. Of course I am forever the optimist. We come into this life and instantly begin to change. Most people continue to do so until they have passed on...When one comes into a relationship the other person is at their core who they are. However they will not remain who u know at that time, they will change! You will change! Deciding to commit and stay within that relationship one should know they are commiting also to change...

I think commitment is often made without one knowing exactly what that entails... Commitment as a whole means;, to promise, to pledge, to involve. To involve one participates, includes, and is affected by... Hence when making a commitment one is accepting change will come, if u follow the meaning... Then when their partner inevitably changes they may suddenly say "I don't know who u are anymore" or "we've grown apart."

I say BS to that! If one is truly commited they accept there will be change, they roll with the changes, they grow and change themselves.

One should go into a relationship without expectations and with the knowledge that one is always changing. I think Love is a choice and a challenge! It's a choice in many ways & when commiting to a relationship we should also realize there will be times we're not really feeling the love. Does that mean it no longer exist?

To that I say NO!

We become so involved with every area of our lives; jobs, kids, friends, myspace, etc. We stretch ourselves thin and sometimes we forget what it was about this person, sharing your life with you, that you did fall in love with and then commited too.

We take them for granted or worse still become indifferent to their needs, desires, dreams... It is then you must make the choice to reconnect, to love, to stay commited. Learning to think of your partner first, share something they enjoy, learn how they've grown and changed, and most importantly remain commited, loyal, devoted, and involved!

Lust is not a choice, it's a reaction, not an emotion. It's more often then not fleeting. Sometimes it is mistaken for love and then when it begins to fade and there isn't any love there to remain commited to one knows they must move on because deep down inside of each of us is the longing for love and commitment. If one is lucky in love then one will also have lust for their parter. The key is to keep that lust alive while the love continues to grow, while you and he/she continue to change.

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