Monday, July 13, 2009

Well Isn't That Special

For some reason people have put sex in a category of being something "special" that happens between two people. The insane part of that is you are letting someone else define whats
special to you. Will you QUIT doing that please?

There are no acts that are inherently special.

Special is defined by the people involved in the act.

Of course, sex CAN be special and intimate, but so can thousands of other acts.

Sitting on a tailgate drinking a beer can be special.
Taking a bubble bath can be special.
Sitting down to dinner can be special.
Being a dominatrix can be special to the right person.
All depends on the person.

Stop letting OTHER people define things for YOU.

Just because someone started the rumor 2000 years ago that says sex is joining of souls and
reserved for love and marriage doesnt mean thats a fact, you are once again allowing someone
ELSE to define acts for YOU.

Sex is exactly what you make it, YOU define sex.

Sex can be out of frustration. Sex can be from love. Sex can be intimate. Sex can be for
recreational fun. Sex can be just for excitement. Sex can be just because you felt like it.
But the constant that does not change is, its for pleasure.

People make such a huge deal about sex. "You two had sex and you just met, you are

Really? Explain why.
Ok, sex is reserved, its special, its for when you really get to know each other.
No, actually the only definition for sex is: to engage in sexual intercourse, so where are
you getting your definition of the intent behind it?

Well, thats MY intent for sex, you say?

Ok, and again what does YOUR intent for sex have to do with everyone else?

I hear people say God invented sex to be special, and to alot of people He did.

But to many of these same people, haven't you lied on your taxes for 6 years in a row? So basically, once again, ignore the parts of the Bible that aren't convenient for your life and follow the ones that are?

Do not judge me due to YOUR or GOD's definition of sex. Do you realize how simple minded that makes you?

To me, by itself sex is a physical act for pleasure, just like a massage. It in no way
physically or emotionally changes the make up of your mind or body after you have sex. You
do not have a limited amount before they are all gone. If you did then yes you
would need to be strategic. If you had a Bank of say, 300 times, then you might want to save those for special times, but since you dont, why not use them?

Because you think that will make you have a reputation? Really? Engaging in a consensual act for pleasure that you enjoy will actually lower the way you think of yourself? Are you that fragile? Is the foundation for your self esteem really that weak?

Yes I am aware that chemicals are released in the brain during sex that can lead to
attachment, etc. Those are also released when you eat cotton candy or get a new puppy. That excuse is used up.

But sex is so much better if you are in love, you say?

I agree, but pizza from a brick oven in Italy is also better than Pizza Hut, but you dont see
a shortage in people eating there, do you? This excuse is also played out. We accept 2nd, 3rd, , and 18th best ALL the time in our life. We operate in a state of mediocrity, but now you are
going to tell me you arent going to have sex because its better if you are in love?

So NOW you decide to only accept the best?

Guess what, 3rd best sex is still really really really good.

There doens't have to be butterfly kisses, or heart shaped cards or joining of souls.

It can be an act of pleasure because that's what you choose to make it.

I feel sorry for you for letting such a special and monumental act become so meaningless to you, you say?

Actually if anyone should feel sorry for anyone it should be feeling sorry for you. You are letting a 2000 year old rumor keep you from enjoying life. But to each their own - keep on bottling up and suppressing your natural desires. Sounds healthy!

It will never mean anything to you if you keep this up, you say?

Really? Now you are predicting my feelings in the future too? Wow, you are amazing. Are people so dumb that they cannot control their emotions or intent behind acts? Are we really all in auto pilot mode? The double standard is complete bs and if you give in to it you are a weak simple
minded follower. PERIOD.

If you are a woman and feel like having sex, then have sex, its that easy. If you are a man and feel like having sex, then have it. Now this doesn't mean you have to go around telling your business or someone else's all over God's green Earth. You need to reevaluate why you're needing sex if you're doing it to make yourself feel like a bigger person.

So, tell me, without quoting what someone else told you was the intent behind sex, why sex is different than a massage? They are both physical acts that bring pleasure.

Also dont take the easy way out and bring up STD's. That completely goes against the point of this blog and you know it. But yes, engaging in sex for pleasure will increase your chance to get an STD even with a condom. Any more basic facts you want to bring up, Captain Obvious?

I'm not condoning mindless intercourse. I'm simply saying we live in a world that's scared to talk about it. And until we live in reality, teen pregnancy, STDs, and even broken relationships will increase because we as a society don't know how to handle it. If you can't talk about sex, how on earth do you expect to solve half these problems? I have friends who can't talk about sex without blushing, but have been doing it for years? How do you have meaningful sex or otherwise when you're too embarrassed to talk about it? A little immature I think...

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