Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Never See It Coming...

Why is it that the nicest people often fall for the meanest? Is it yin and yang? Is it that weak people need strong to pull them through? We don't seem to notice as much when the woman is a doormat and the man is the jerk. Maybe it seems natural, since women are nurturers. What does seem odd is the hen-pecked man who just ducks into a corner and takes it...

I'm constantly hearing men complain that they can't seem to find a nice woman. Time after time they become interested in someone, only to find they've quickly entered the dreaded FRIEND ZONE. There's a reason for that. Nice guys are great. They really are. But there's a difference between a nice guy...and a guy with low self-esteem.

Ladies, YOU know what I'm talking about. Having self-confidence doesn't mean treating people like crap. You can have self-confidence and be a generally nice person. The problem for us women comes when a man can't seem to make a decision. He has no backbone. He's a complete wimp.

And, inevitably, guys like that end up with women like this:

Women who beat them down...daily. Why? Because overbearing women love guys like this. They deliberately seek them out. But, even worse...these women treat these men like this because they CAN. They make their men change who they are - from who they like to what they do on a day to day basis.

People take offense at the term "you train others how to treat you," but it's true. Whether it's a friend, co-worker, employee, or someone you're dating, the beginning days of your relationship are experimental. A controlling woman pushes a man as far as she can before he puts his foot down. If he lets her walk all over him, in time she loses respect for him...and the treatment gets worse.

Women like that give good women a bad name. These men eventually come to the conclusion that all women are nagging, bossy hags and give up on love altogether. What they don't realize is the problem isn't the women...the problem is the choices they're making.

The problem is that, until each and every one of them grow a pair, they will continue to only attract women who are looking for doormats.

It's just tough the rest of us to watch.

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**şeym@** said...

similar kind of experience here... amazing observation!!!